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Skid Steer Loader
236 236B 236B3 236D 236D3 242D 242D3 246 246B 246C 246D 246D3 248 248B 252 252B 252B3 256C 257D 257D3 259D 259D3 262 262B 262C 262C2 262D 262D3 267 267B 268B 272C 272D 272D XHP 272D2 272D2 XHP 272D3 272D3 XE 277 277B 277C 277C2 277D 279C 279C2 279D 279D3 287 287B 287C 287C2 287D 289C 289C2 289D 289D3 297C 297D 297D XHP 297D2 297D2 XHP 299C 299D 299D XHP 299D2 299D2 XHP 299D3 299D3 XE

Mini Hydraulic Excavator
304.5E2 306

Expanded Mining Products

Weight1.32 kg
Dimensions0.06 × 0.16 × 0.16 cm
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