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Earthmoving Compactor
825H 826G II 826H 836G 836H

Wheel-Type Loader
902 903C 903C2 903D 906 906H 906H2 906K 906M 907H 907H2 907K 907M 908 908H 908H2 908K 908M 924G 924GZ 924H 928G 928HZ 930G 930H 938H 966M 966M XE 972M 972M XE 980H 980K 980M 982M 988G 988H 990 II 990H 990K 992K 992G 993K 994F 994H 994K

Engine – Generator Set
CG137-08 CG137-12 POWER SYS XQG400

Engine – Industrial
CG137-08 CG137-12

Mini Hydraulic Excavator
301.5 301.6 301.8 302.5 303.5 303.5E 303.5E2 CR 303E CR 303ECR 304C CR 304E 304E2 CR 305.5D 305D CR 305C CR 308E2 CR

Road Reclaimer
RM-300 RM-350B RM-500

Cold Planer
PM310 PM312 PM313

Paving Compactor
CB-44B CB-54 CB-54B CB-64 CB10 CB7 CB8 CD-54 CP-44 CP-54 CP-56 CP-64 CP-74 CP-76 CS-44 CS-54 CS-56 CS-64 CS-74 CS-76 CW-34 CW34

Wheel Dozer
824H 834H 834G 844 844H 844K 854G 854K

Backhoe Loader
415F2 416C 416E 416F 416F2 420E 420F 420F2 422F 422F2 424D 427F2 428 428C 428F 428F2 430E 430F 430F2 432 432F 432F2 434 434F 434F2 436C 438C 440 444 444F 444F2 450 450F

Skid Steer Loader
232D 226D 226D3 232D3 236B3 239D 239D3 246D 249D 249D3 262D 272D 272D XHP 272D2 272D2 XHP 277D 279D 287D 289D 297D 297D XHP 297D2 297D2 XHP 299D 299D XHP 299D2 299D2 XHP

Asphalt Paver
AP-1000E AP-1000F AP-1055E AP-1055F AP-255E AP-300D AP-500E AP-555E AP-600D AP-655D AP300F AP355F AP500F AP600F AP555F AP655F AP655F L AS3143 AS4173 BG1000E BG1055E BG500E BG555E BG600D BG655D SE34V SE34VT

Underground Articulated Truck
AD30 AD45 AD45B AD55 AD55B AD60 AD63

Integrated Toolcarrier

Load, Haul, Dump
R1300G R1300G II R1600G R1600H R1700G R1700K R2900 R2900G R3000H

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