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Earthmoving Compactor
815F 815F II 816F 816F II 825B 825G 826G

Wheel-Type Loader
936F 938G 938H 950 950F 950F II 960F 966C 966F 966F II 966G 966G II 966H 966R 970F 972G 972G II 972H 980 980B 980F 980G 980F II 980G II 988 988F 988F II 988G 988H 990 990 II 990H 990K 992 992B 992D 992G 992K 993K 994 994D 994F 994H 994K


Petroleum Products
3508 3512 3512C 3516B 3516C

Engine – Generator Set
3508 3508B 3512 3512B 3516 3516B 3516C G3508 G3512 G3516 G3516B G3520B PM3508 PM3512 PM3516 PMG3516 SR4

Engine – Truck

Wheel-Type Skidder
515 525

Off-Highway Truck
769 769B 777 777B 777C 777D 797 797B 797F

Engine – Industrial
3508 3508B 3508C 3512 3512B 3512C 3512E 3516 3516B 3516C 3516E D343 D348 G3508 G3508B G3512 G3516 G3516B G3520B

Track-Type Loader
955K 955L 963 963B 963C 973 973C 977K 977L 983 983B

Mini Hydraulic Excavator
301.5 301.6 301.7CR 302CR 301.8

Motor Grader
120 120G 120H 120H ES 120H NA 120K 120K 2 12G 12H 12H NA 12H ES 12K 130G 135H 135H NA 140 140G 140H 140H ES 140H NA 140K 140K 2 143H 14G 14H 14H NA 16 160G 160H 160H ES 160H NA 160K 163H 163H NA 16G 16H 16H NA 24H

Wheel Dozer
814F 814F II 824B 824G 844 844H 844K 854G 854K


350 L 350-A 350-A L 365B 365B II 365B L 365C 365C L 365C L MH 374D L 375-A 375-A L 385B 385C 385C FS 385C L 385C L MH 390D 390D L 5080 5090B

Integrated Toolcarrier

Marine Products
3508 3508B 3508C 3512 3512B 3512C 3516 3516B 3516C D343

Wheel Tractor-Scraper
611 615 615C 615C II 621 621B 621E 621F 621G 621H 621K 621K OEM 621R 621S 623 623B 623E 623F 623G 623H 623K 623K LRC 627 627B 627E 627F 627G 627H 627K 627K LRC 630B 631B 631C 631D 631E 631G 631K 633C 633D 633E II 637 637B 637D 637E 637G 637K 639D 641 641B 651 651B 651E 657 657B 657E 657G 666 666B

Expanded Mining Products

Track-Type Tractor
10 10C 10S 10SU 10U 11 11SU 11U 173B 183B 193 58 58L 59 59L 59N 8 8A 8S 8U 9 9C 9S 9SU 9U D10 D10N D11 D11N D11R D11T D7F D7G D8L D9H D9L D9N

Load, Haul, Dump
R1300 R1300G R1600 R1600G

Weight0.00 kg
Dimensions0.03 × 0.13 × 0.20 cm
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