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Earthmoving Compactor

Wheel-Type Loader
988B 988F 988F II 990H 990K 992G 992K 993K 994 994D 994F 994H 994K


Petroleum Products
3508 3508B 3508C 3512 3512B 3512C 3512E 3516B 3516C C27 C32 CX35-P800 CX48-P2300 G3520B TH48 TH48-E70 TH48-E80

Engine – Generator Set
3508 3508B 3508C 3512 3512B 3512C 3516 3516B 3516B GEN 3516C 3516E 3606 3608 C175-16 C32 G3508 G3512 G3516 G3516B G3520B PM3508 PM3512 PM3516 PMG3516 PP3516 SR4 XQC1200 XQC1600

Off-Highway Truck
69D 769C 769D 771C 771D 773G 773G LRC 773G OEM 775G 775G LRC 775G OEM 776B 776C 776D 777 777B 777C 777D 777E 777F 777G 784B 784C 785 785B 785C 785D 785G 789 789B 789C 789D 789G 793 793B 793C 793D 793F 794 AC 796 AC 797 797B 797F 798 798 AC

Engine – Industrial
2016 3508 3508B 3508C 3512 3512B 3512C 3512E 3516 3516B 3516C 3516E 3561B C140 C175-16 C175-20 C18 C27 C32 G3412 G3508 G3512 G3516 G3516B G3520B G3606 G3608 SPF343 SPF343C SPF743 SPS343 SPT343

Cold Planer
PM-565 PM-565B PM310 PM312 PM313

Motor Grader
24 24H

Wheel Dozer
834B 844H 844K 854G 854K

Underground Articulated Truck
AD40 AD45 AD60 AD63 AE40 AE40 II

5110B 5130 5130B 5230 5230B

Marine Products
3508 3508B 3508C 3512 3512B 3512C 3516 3516B 3516C 3608

Wheel Tractor-Scraper
631D 631E 631G 633D 633E II 637D 637E 637G 639D 651E 657E

Expanded Mining Products
6015B 6020B 6030 6030 T2 6030 T4 6040 6040 FS 6060 MD6250 MD6310 MD6540C

Track-Type Tractor
11 11SU 11U D10N D10R D10T D10T2 D11 D11N D11R D11T D8L D9L D9N D9R

Oem Solutions

Weight21.00 kg
Dimensions0.22 × 0.22 × 0.41 cm
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