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Engineer Support Tractor
30/30 DEUCE

Earthmoving Compactor
815 816 825 825C 825G 825G II 825H 826C 826G 826G II 826H 836 836G 836H

Wheel-Type Loader
950 966C 980 980C 980F 980F II 980G 980G II 980H 980K 980K HLG 980L 980M 982 982M 988 988B 988F 988F II 988G 988H 988K XE 990 990 II 990H 990K 992D 992C 992G 992K 993K

Engine – Generator Set
3408 3408B 3408C 3612 3616 C280-12 C280-16

Engine – Truck
3408 3408B

Off-Highway Truck
768C 769C 772B 773B 776 776C 776D 777 777C 777D 777E 777F 777G 784B 784C 785 785B 785C 785D 789 789D 789B 789C 793 793B 793C 793D 793F 793F CMD 793F OEM 793F XQ

Engine – Industrial
3406B 3408 3408B 3412 3412C 3412D 3412E 3612 C280-16 C32 D346 D348 D349 G3612 G3616

Track-Type Loader
951 953C 953D 953K 955 955K 955L 963 963C 963D 963K 973 973D 973K 977A 977D 977H 977K 973C 977L 983 983B

Articulated Dump Truck
735 740 D20D D250B D250D D250E D250E II D25C D25D D300B D300D D300E D300E II D30C D30D D350C D350D D350E D350E II D35C D400 D400D D400E D400E II D40D

Road Reclaimer
RM-300 RM-350 RM-350B RM-500 SM-350

Cold Planer
PM-565 PM-565B PR-1000 PR-1000C PR-450C PR-750B

Forest Products
227 FB221

Motor Grader
120 120H 120H ES 120H NA 120K 120K 2 120M 120M 2 12E 12F 12G 12H 12H ES 12H NA 12K 12M 12M 2 12M 3 12M 3 AWD 130G 135H 135H NA 140 140B 140G 140H 140H ES 140H NA 140K 140K 2 140M 140M 2 140M 3 140M 3 AWD 143H 14E 14L 150 16 160 160H 160G 160H ES 160H NA 160K 160M 160M 2 160M 3 160M 3 AWD 163H 163H NA 24H 24M

Paving Compactor
PF-300B PF-300C PS-300B PS-300C

Wheel Dozer
814 824 824B 824C 824G 824G II 824H 824S 834 834B 834G 834H 834S 834U 844 844H 844K 854G

Underground Articulated Truck
AD30 AD40 AD45 AD45B AD55 AD55B AD60 AD63 AE40 AE40 II

Asphalt Paver
AP-1050 AP-1050B AP-1055D AP-200B AP-650B AP-655D AP655F AP655F L BG-245C BG-225C BG-2455D BG655D

561C 561D 571G 572G 578 583K 583R 587R 594 594H PL61

215 215B 219 219D 225 225B 225D 229 245D 375-A 375-A L 5080

Marine Products
3192 3408 3408B 3412 3612 3616 7211 7

Weight0.01 kg
Dimensions0.05 × 0.18 × 0.23 cm
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