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Earthmoving Compactor
815F 816F

75D 75E 85E 95E

Wheel-Type Loader
966G II 972G II 992G 994 994D 994F 994H 994K


Petroleum Products
3508 3508B 3508C 3512 3512B 3512C 3512E 3516B 3516C C18 C27 CX31-C11I CX31-C13I CX31-P600 CX48-P2300 G3520B TH35-C11I TH35-C13I TH35-C13T TH35-E81 TH48-E70 TH48-E80

Engine – Generator Set
3406B 3406C 3408 3408B 3408C 3412C 3456 3508 3508B 3508C 3512 3512B 3512C 3516 3516B 3516B GEN 3516C 3516E 3561B C15 C175-16 C18 CG137-12 G3406 G3412 G3412C G3508 G3512 G3516 G3516B G3516C G3516H G3520B G3520C G3520E PM3412 PM3508 PM3512 PM3516 PMG3516 POWER SYS PP3516 SR4 XQC1200 XQC1600 XQG135 XQG400

Engine – Truck
C-10 C-12 C11 C13

Off-Highway Truck
776B 776C 776D 777 777B 777C 777D 784B 784C 785 785B 785C 785D 785G 789B 789 789C 789D 789G 793 793B 793C 793D 797 797B

Engine – Industrial
3176C 3306B 3406C 3412C 3508 3508B 3508C 3512 3512B 3512C 3512E 3516 3516B 3516C 3516E C-10 C-12 C11 C13 C175-16 C175-20 C18 C27 CG170-16 CPT372 G3306 G3406 G3408 G3412 G3508 G3508B G3508J G3512 G3512B G3512E G3512H G3512J G3516 G3516B G3516C G3516E G3516H G3516J G3520 G3520B G3520C G3520E G3520H PM3412 SPF343 SPF343C SPS343 SPT343 SUF557

Articulated Dump Truck
725 730

Road Reclaimer
RM-300 RM-350 SM-350

Motor Grader
140H 143H 14H 160H 163H 16H

Wheeled Excavator
W345B II

Wheel Dozer
814F 844 854G

572R II

345B 345B II 345B II MH 345B L 345D 345D L 345D L VG 349D 349D L 365B 365B II 365B L 5130 5130B 5230 5230B

Marine Products
3196 3508 3508B 3508C 3512 3512B 3512C 3516 3516B 3516C C12

Wheel Tractor-Scraper
627F 627G 627H 627K 627K LRC 637E 637G 637K

Expanded Mining Products
6060 MD6540C

Track-Type Tractor
11 11SU 11U D11N D11R D6E D6G D6G2 LGP D6G2 XL D7G D7G2 D7R II D7R SERIES

Load, Haul, Dump
R1700G R1600 R1600G

Oem Solutions

Weight0.00 kg
Dimensions0.03 × 0.10 × 0.11 cm
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